Learn the key to advertising digitally and getting amazing social media results

Don’t SHOUT, speak softly when you advertise on digital platforms.

You may be asking yourself “WTF does that even mean?”…. Don’t worry an explanation is coming. 

Advertising and thinking this way will be a hard pill to swallow and it goes against all common sense. People think that if they put an ad on a social media platform, buyers will jump at the chance to buy what your selling. That could not be further from the truth dealing with todays digital advertising. 

The problem with digital advertising is that it’s different from any other type of marketing. You cannot just **SHOUT** ‘BUY MY PRODUCT’ put up an ad and expect people to come to your store and want to do business with you.

If you have tried to SHOUT your digital advertising on Social Media and been unsuccessful, I’m here to tell you there is a better way. 

To advertise digitally and have amazing results with ads do NOT take the conventional approach. Stop SHOUTING! Study and understand the audience. Duplicate the same thinking that other users are when flipping through social media.

Create ads and offers with that thought process. Put together great content that people would love to consume. 

One key to successful digital marketing is the use of great images.

Viewers browse Social media with a specific thought in mind when they log into their account. People are not on Social media to shop. Same reason why a majority of people hate seeing commercials when watching their favorite show on television.

People are there to enjoy themselves and unwind. To see what their friends and family are doing. They browse Social Media to watch stupid cat videos and remove themselves from reality for a little while.

Don’t be so deliberate, stop acting like a company talking to other companies.

The strength of daily, normal, everyday images in your ads will by far and away achieve better results. Customers will start to get engaged and listen to what your putting out there. Tell your story, show people behind the scenes what everyday life is like at your company, build that trust and connection. Intrigue your customers with strong more intimate images. Ever watch MTV Cribs? Know why it was successful? Because people were intrigued and wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes and how people lived their lives. 

It is all to common to see advertising SHOUTING at you to “buy my product” or to “take advantage of my sale.” Social Media users have developed “Banner blindness.” Which is a phenomenon where visitors on digital advertising platforms consciously or unconsciously ignore common advertising. No doubt viewers will pass your common advertising efforts right by.

A majority of digital advertising platforms are immensely visual. Companies that grasp the power of images are more than likely the ones with top results.

Use images to document your operations on social media. Use un polished images. Don’t be afraid to shy away from professional, perfect shots. Have fun with your images, capture interesting angles. Something that during that split second of scrolling a viewer will have to stop and have a second look. 

Once you have your photos working for you, it is time to get your message across. 

Attaching your message to your image is a very dynamic combination. Remember social platforms are strongly based on visual content. The more you can portray with your images, the better.

That being said, you need to offer significance with your message. Even a small amount will certainly be appreciated by your audience.

People make decisions based on emotions, not logic.

Besides offering significance, you also need to connect emotionally with your potential customer. 

That way they will understand that your business can really offer them something of value.

Make them feel like you know them better than they know themselves. That’s where you really succeed.

Now its time to take action.

The end goal, as we all know is to produce a return on your advertising investment and get that viewer to the check out screen. To do so some form of action needs to be there.

Company owners today are too preoccupied with taking action and forget about the images and the message.

Once you have nailed down the image and the message, then and only then will you will have earned the trust of your potential customer. Now you are ready to take action. Provide the path to your audience, show them what to do and how to reach your product offerings as they go through your story within your posts.