Prices listed are for basic services, additional prices for other services are available upon request. All prices provided are to be used for estimate purposes only. Each job request that comes in will receive an estimate specifically for that job and the time it will take to complete. We do this to provide better pricing on a job to job basis. Long term assignments or multiple jobs will be discounted on the volume of work requested. 

Full Integrated Digital and Traditional Marketing Packages Available 

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Creating Corporate Branding / Logo Design

Branding Option 1 – 3 design compositions to choose from, with 3 revisions of the chosen design if necessary.

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Branding Option 2– 1 design composition to choose from, with 3 revisions of the chosen design if necessary.

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Digitization of Existing Logo

$150.00- $250.00

Online Web Banner Design

$150.00- $250.00

Business Card Layout

$90.00 – $125.00

Laser Engraved, Chemical Etched Metal Business Card Design

$200.00- $300.00

Brochure Design

$350.00- $1,500.00

Magazine Ad Design

$250.00- $850.00

T-Shirt Design

$300.00- $500.00

Hat Design

$110.00- $150.00

Promotional Vinyl Banner Design

$120.00- $385.00

Promotional Flag Design

$250.00- $400.00

Web Site Design

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If you don’t see what your looking for on this list send us a message. We have a broad range of talent and we can help you with whatever you or business may need.


Printing services are available upon request. After being in business for 18+ years we have collected quite a list of resources to pull from. This allows us to offer you the highest quality along with the best price. Please keep in mind printing on lower volume jobs will always cost more per piece, no matter who you choose.

Here are some details on our paper printing quality.

Premium Card Stock
The paper stock we use is among the finest available. It is a comfortably thick 15-point stock (350 gsm) coated both sides with a satin matte finish and can grow to an impressive 16-point card with the glossy U/V coating applied. We have found that customers prefer our thick paper stock for business cards and postcards as it provides for a nice solid body that will hold up well over time, while providing an image of a stable and professional company.

Premium Letterhead and Envelope Paper Stock
The acid free 70# paper we use is an opaque, premium #1 stock with superior offset run ability. The opacity level allows for minimum see through giving you quality without increased cost. The crisp brightness allows for a consistent printing surface for all colors. This is a dependable and versatile paper that is guaranteed to work well in both laser and inkjet printers.

Premium Greeting Card Stock
Our new Greeting Card stock is among the finest stock available. Our paper is a clay coated 12 point stock designed specifically to enhance your card both inside and out. The paper’s ability to be scored for folding and its high density make it the ideal paper to run either 2400 dpi offset or 600 dpi digital Greeting Cards on. It is a exceptional paper that will help you send the message you are looking for.

True Offset Lithography
While other printing companies have completely switched to laser or digital printing, we have remained committed to the superior quality of offset lithography for most of our products. We employ offset printers with high resolution 200 lpi (4800 dpi) screens for crisp clear photos and increased color gamut. Our prints have rich, smooth solids without the streaking found in lesser quality prints. With offset printing your company image will look and feel more professional.

Brilliant Colors & Smooth Tones
We use high quality, coated paper stock along with liquid inks to produce bright, beautiful, and smooth color tones that will reflect your professional image. You may use any number of color combinations on either side of your card including, but not limited to, full color photographs and logos.

Precise Cutting
Our cutting department prides itself with full-bleed trimming and the tightest cutting tolerance available. At only 1/16 of an inch you gain valuable print area, allowing you to place text and other information closer to the edge without worrying if it is going to be trimmed off. All cards are cut using a full-bleed template and may contain images that continue off the edge of the card to insure backgrounds and other graphics reach the edge if so desired.


Our website production process is geared towards a single, important goal. Design, develop and implement a finished product that will become an immediate, long term asset to our clients.

Successfully achieving this goal requires applying standards driven coding techniques, and balancing solid visual design with clear communication to achieve business, marketing and advertising goals that are established at the beginning of the production process. Our expertise and consulting experience is applied throughout the course of the project to guide a fine-tuned approach that is designed to meet your unique requirements and needs.

Our Web Specific Services Include:
Complete, valid XHTML/ CSS Layout
Cellular, PDA and Mobile Device Accessibility
PHP/MySQL based (CMS) Content Management Systems
FLASH and RIA development
Established Open Source Solutions
RSS, Corporate Blog and Podcast Publishing
Secure, E-Commerce and Ordering Systems
Website Re-Design & Competitive Analysis
Website Management and Maintenance
E Commerce Solutions <<< click to find out more

What’s the Bottom Line?
Applying our process, standards based techniques and proven technologies to the production of your website will save you time and money in the long term. Your site will look good on a Mac or a PC. It will be accessible to a larger audience. It will function properly in all major web browsers. It will encourage better results with Search Engines (like Google). And, we can even develop websites that support mobile devices like cell phones and wireless devices.

As the landscape of the web continues to shift, improve and become more accessible, it is important that your website is poised to grow and with these changes and capitalize on the emerging opportunities. We’ll provide you with a solid foundation, and make sure that the long term plan for your website is headed down the right track.