3 Reasons You Should Use #Hashtags in Your Facebook Business Page Posts

Everyone knows there are reasons you should use #hashtags when you’re hitting social networks like Twitter, but did you know that they play an important part in your Facebook business page posts as well? Here are just a few reasons why, if you’re not already, you should be using those hashtags on Facebook pages too!

#Hashtags Expand Your Audience

Just like Twitter, Facebook makes your hashtags clickable and that holds the promise of increased exposure of your content. How?

When you post to your Facebook Business page, the information that you post is only being viewed by those who already follow or check in with your business via Facebook. Sure, that content is listed in Search Engine results, but any exposure from this listing is usually negligible when compared to the traffic you can obtain via social media exposure.

You see, when you implement clickable hashtags in your Facebook business page posts your content becomes viewable by anyone interested in your hashtag topic. For example, if I use the hashtag #SEO, someone who is interested in SEO but does not already follow my business page via Facebook would see and read my content. Add one new reader!

Branding Your Own Content

Hashtags on Facebook Business are also a prime way to brand your content. By creating your own niche specific or brand-specific hashtag and using it when publishing content you make your own content easier to find for anyone interested in reading more of your articles. Creating your own hashtag is also a great way to get recognized and create a large social media following as others join in on the hashtag use – think memes.

This strategy isn’t effective for everyone, but it’s worth implementing if you have a solid and loyal following for your business or brand.

Saving Time

When you cross-post content on multiple social network platforms it can be time-consuming. You can save time, however, by utilizing the same general hashtags within multiple social media platform posts. For example, a tweet with the hashtags #SEO #Google and #amplifiedgraphicdesign can be posted across all social platforms because none of those hashtags are network specific. It may only save a few seconds, but if you’re a business that posts multiple times daily that time really adds up.

Just be sure not to over do it with the hashtags or your followers will quickly get tired of your posts.