US Drobotics Executive Summary
The innovative US Drobitics company contacted us here at Amplified Graphic Design Services through a client referral. They wanted us to create a digital animated pitch deck to help promote their company, along with an executive summary that they can also send out to potential investors. This project needed to outline, inform, and introduce the US Drobotics company. The owners at US Drobotics needed a creative and eye catching design that features their high tech company. Amplified was careful to keep the company’s color palette in mind while given creative freedom to stylize this project giving it a fresh look and feel. The team at US Drobotics was extremely pleased with the final outcome and overall design. “I love having my expectations exceeded!” -Dave R. US Drobotics

The digital pitch deck is an animated graphical walk through of the US Drobotics Company and what they are all about. We had a lot of fun putting together this important marketing tool and believe it summarizes the company and its outlook nicely. We carefully worked with typography and fluidity throught the project, making sure pages were balanced and appealing to the viewer. A lot of data was collected and streamlined before we were able to get started.  You can view a sample copy of the digital pitch deck by clicking here.

Looking forward to working with these fine gentleman again in the near future.