Saw King Service Center Corporate Branding
Another company brand is born at the hands of Amplified™ Graphic Design Services! The owner of this great new company approached us to create a high quality, creative design for their idea. They wanted something recognizable but simple and had to pop. They invision this brand used across a number of different platforms. With those instructions, the name of the company and some sketches we created the Saw King logo. We worked very hard on making sure the saw blade and blade teeth were correct, as it had to be very specific to Saw King list of services. As you can see three logos were provided for different applications. Full detail and shadowing for web and print design. A three color version for embroidery, or screen printing. As well as a simple black and white version for CNC usage. Careful consideration went into the typeset and overall balance as well. It was an absolute pleasure working with the owner of Saw King and we wish them luck with their new company.