E-Commerce Website Design
Net Worth Holdings, Inc., DBA ReadyHeli is a combination of leading companies who supplied the world with radio controlled helicopters and parts. Once known as one of the top RC Helicopter E-Retailers Worldwide! was not just a simple E-Commerce website. Its popularity and proven success was an exclusive home to a number of large industry brands that Amplified had the opportunity to manage.

Amplified™ Graphic Design Services completely re invented the entire ReadyHeli website. The site was made easier to navigate, more attractive, and added functionality that produced daily sales. Aside from the layout and design of the website, Amplified created marketing campaigns and contests that spoke to the public keeping customer engaged daily. A new face for this company was created and all of its brands. Amplified successfully managed multiple brands and increased profits over all. Creating web based advertising daily, logo designs, print advertising, apparel design, package design, product photography, social media marketing for multiple brands, etc. With a number of brands under this corporations umbrella it has tested versatility having to create different styles for each. was on the 3D Cart E-Commerce platform, many of our custom programming additions are now offered as a standard at the 3D Cart company. Strategies were also created to increase sales and constantly improve new customer base while keeping existing customers happy. Work and ideas were often duplicated regularly by competitors.

Responsibilities also included keeping track of website traffic trends using Google Analytics as well as producing, tracking and managing Google Ad Words for multiple brands.

All marketing and design that came out of, Amplified™ Graphic Design Services had something to do with.

Sadly, this company closed its doors while still profitable due to owners personal issues.

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