Around The World Global Marketing Campaign
This is a global marketing campaign that Amplified Graphic Design Services, Martin County created for back in the day. The ReadyHeli website reached a global audience and we wanted to show the world how far the family of customers reached. The campaign consisted of a list of global locations around the world. Each time a customer appeared somewhere on the provided list with the ReadyHeli logo they where instructed to send in a photo. Each customer that sent in a photo received a prize, the more obscure the location the better the prize. Once the list was complete a grand prize was given to a randomly selected contestant. The overall outcome to this marketing campaign was a lot of fun for the clients and the company owners alike. It brought attention to the website as well as created an event that all of their customers were able to get behind. It also provided us the ability to create a simple campaign video showing off the ReadyHeli logo at locations all over the world. We enjoyed this marketing campaign a lot and watching the video brings back a lot of memories of the project.