#KeepRCHelisAlive Hashtag Campaign

This successful campaign was created in October of 2016 by Amplified Graphic Design Services for the fine people at BK Designs. As the brand manager for this company, the owner and I discuss a lot of different industry topics. It was blatantly obvious with low attendance at events, dips in sales and interest in the new drone market, that the RC Helicopter industry was in a sharp decline. It was decided that this needed to be brought to the attention of the industry. Amplified developed the idea to utilize social media and create a hashtag campaign to get the attention of the industry. This is where #KeepRCHelisAlive was born. We needed to create a message that showed a sense of urgency so that viewers get the message immediately after seeing the brand. Creating a movement with a passive statement was a sure fire way to fail. Our job as a professional marketing company is to be sure the message was heard and heard well. Some within the industry criticized our strong message which means that our message works and is doing what it was designed to do, touch a nerve. This movment was designed to be shared. Right from the begining the logo files were set up and were available for download for anyone to use. We opend full licensing to everone and made it easy for public usage. Viewers were encouraged to push the message creating decals, t-shirts, social media images, etc.

The brand image we created was of a phoenix, which is a symbol of rising up from the ashes. We combined this simple effective graphic with the #KeepRCHelisAlive hashtag. Originally it included the signiture of the owner of BK Designs, Bert Kammerer (a professional RC Helicopter Pilot) . The movement has since grown and evolved to include the signiture of Professional RC Heli Pilot Matt Botos and others as well. Our goal is to have multiple pro pilots include their signatures to show that they support this great movement.

We are proud to share the #KeepRCHelisAlive Movement has grown into a worldwide movement. Currently returning over 21,900 google search results. This message has sparked numerous conversations and can be seen all over the RC Helicopter industry. It has successfully shown how important it is to have supporters of RC helicopters encourage others to get involved.

You can find the #KeepRCHelisAlive files at BKHobbies.com